Let’s Turn (More of) Your Email Subscribers Into Paying Customers

By Making You The ONLY VIABLE Choice For Them, So You can Sell MORE While Doing Less Work & Sending Fewer Emails

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Your inbox is filled with 1000s of unopened, unread, and unactioned marketing emails.

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Yet you resort to the 2010-style email strategies that do the same thing to your audience which you hate yourself.

High-frequency emails. Pushy sales tactics disguised under the promise of “value”.

You know how it goes:

Conventional email funnel

There are 3 problems with this approach:


It’s predictable and boring

Your subscribers know and expect what’s coming. A pitch!


Someone signing up for a freebie/lead magnet doesn’t mean they’re warm or ready to take up your offer.

Do you sign up for lead magnets in order to buy something? Exactly. It just brings a ton of freebie hoarders to your list.


It works, BUT…

When/if you play the high volume game and bring 100s of email subscribers to your list in a day just to convert a few.

How do you solve this?

We call it the Belief Sequencing Email Strategy.

It works on 3 pillars. Once you understand them, it’ll make full sense to you why it is a better way to do email marketing.

Those 3 Pillars are:

Extensive Customer Research

This helps you find out the underlying beliefs that your target customers need to believe in order to take your offer.

Narrative-building Storytelling

This attracts high quality prospects to your list and pulls them into your world & belief system by building emotional resonance (They’re like “this person gets me”).

Logical Progression

This (working together with narrative-building storytelling) installs those beliefs in your prospects’ minds in a logical sequence.

As a whole, the strategy looks like this:

Belief sequencing email strategy

The outcome?

Your competition becomes irrelevant

It’s YOU they’ve shaped their beliefs about

You become the only viable solution to their problems

It’s YOU who understands them more than anything else out there

They’re sold and ready to make the purchase even before you introduce your offer

It’s YOU they believe can help them solve their problems

Powerful stuff, right?

This is exactly what we do (after 5+ years of leanings) and the results speak for themselves.

Unique Email Campaigns Executed


Average Open Rate

Revenue Impact in $$ (& Counting)

We believe in an email strategy that:

❌ Doesn’t overwhelm your audience

🤩 Makes them look forward to each email you send with shining eyes

✅ Positions you as the only viable solution to their problems

If that’s what you’re looking for…

And, if you want to:

🤝 TRULY CONNECT with your audience (not overwhelm them and shove your offer down their throats)

☝🏻 Become the ONLY VIABLE option for them

💸 Sell MORE while doing less work & sending fewer emails


Just a heads up: A free consultation doesn’t guarantee we’ll work together. Due to time constraints and increasing demand, we only take clients that we’re certain will benefit from our strategies. This call is to see if we’re a good fit.