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Revenue proof for Cody A

I know Rahul does amazing things when it comes to marketing & automation. So I couldn’t miss the opportunity for getting my digital product funnel analyzed when I got the chance. Within the first two months of applying the suggestions, I saw a whopping 37.75% surge in conversions. And that was when I made the changes myself. So I got the Beef Up Media team to further optimize my funnel for the things I missed and the very next month, it’s more than 2X the number of sales I made before the analysis. I couldn’t thank and recommend them enough! You wouldn’t even feel like they made any big changes.

Cody A.

Business Coach & Online Biz Owner

Tracy H's revenue proof

My assistant doesn’t usually forward cold emails to me, but the one she got from Rahul was not only good but he actually kinda bribed her to send the email to me and I’m glad she did. I thought my funnels were in place because we have already invested a lot in them, but right in the email, he mentioned so many faults that I couldn’t resist but got on a strategy call with him and there was no hard selling, we strategized on some stuff and I knew what I had to do, so I got their team to fix my funnels and the very next month, I was shocked or should I say surprised to see my in-place funnels generate almost 2X revenue after getting fixed. I don’t know what they did or how they did it, but I’m glad I have them as a part of my business now. You wouldn’t regret working with them.

Tracy H.

E-Commerce Store Founder

Rahul and I met on LinkedIn where we followed each other for a number of months of which is where I knew all about the services he provided. When I needed somebody to work on client journey automations, I knew Rahul was my man. We agreed on a price of which an invoice was produced promptly and work commenced the following day. Communication was fantastic and the end result was exactly as promised.

I highly recommend working with Rahul if you get the opportunity.

Jamie Simpson

SME Investor + Growth Specialist

I am a full-time designer at a company as well as a consultant. Before this, I did freelance work for years as well but couldn’t grow something out of it. Most of my clients usually moved on because I was only available off hours and had to focus on other things like content and maintaining a presence on social media to get clients. That’s why I already made up my mind from the beginning that I would only focus on client work and automate rest of the things. I am not tech savvy so I got the team at Beef Up Media to help me with my funnel and automation. Not only they set everything up with ease, but also gave me some ideas about removing myself from my business. And the best part is that, I don’t even have to waste time to vet or qualify the leads that come through the funnel, they automatically get qualified by the funnel itself. How awesome is that?

Jessica McDevitt

Interior Designer + Design Consultant

I recognize that finding clients isn’t something that I’m not good at. It comes naturally as I’ve been running my business for years on a referral basis. I realized that it is not the most efficient way and most of the referral clients come up with set price expectations which made it harder to negotitate higher rates. I wanted to work with new clients, and I needed a funnel to automate my client aquisition. I was avoiding this for so long as the tech and copy part scares me. But eventually I took the leap of faith and reached out to Beef Up Media for help. The entire experience of working with them was smooth, I got exactly what I needed and they also taught me some useful things about my funnel which might come handy in the future. I couldn’t be happier!

Jenna Greene

Health & Wellness Coach

I used to get my clients mostly through Instagram or sometimes Facebook Groups. But due to the algorithm changes, my reach has been limited and it has ruined my whole strategy. Someone in a FB group suggested that I should focus more on getting clients reach out to me than reaching out to them. It sounded great and they recommened that Rahul and his team could help me with building such a system. So I reached out to them. At first, I was sceptical about the costs but I knew this is something I very much needed in my business right now. I made the decision and saw it as an investment. And because of that, I have a proper funnel & lead qualification system in place now, which works day and night without any dependency on algorithms. 10/10 totally recommend them.

Michelle D.

Life Coach

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