Growing a client’s email subscriber base from 335 to 8442 in 3 months

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We took on this client (a creator) in October, 23.

This is how we started, how it went for the client + the things we did to make that happen.

The Goal

Their goal was to hit 5000 subscribers by the end of December. Then prime the audience for a launch in March.

The goal we had set was 8000 subscribers (based on their traffic) and we were confident it was going to be 9000+ by the end of December. But the holiday season in the last week messed it up a bit.

8442 isn’t bad either.

Month 1 Update

Starting out, the client had 335 subscribers and by the end of month one, they had 2232 engaged subscribers.

Subscriber growth from 335

Forms & Landing Pages:


  • Only one landing page
  • Leading to a simple newsletter


  • 3 different high-converting landing pages + 1 form
  • 2 leading to irresistible lead magnets
  • 1 optimised landing page with a clear USP for the newsletter
forms and landing pages month 1

Email Sequences


  • No email sequence whatsoever
  • Just a welcome email for newsletter subscribers


  • We started testing a master email sequence
  • This taps specifically into the ‘beliefs’ of the target audience

The result?

Email sequence month 1



  • Just another random email in the inbox
  • Low open and click rates
  • Little to no replies


  • Emails that subscribers look forward to
  • Phenomenal open + click rates
  • High engagement
Newsletter month 1

Things We Did To Make This Happen:

→ Customer research: Created the customer clarity sheet (Something we do for every client)

→ Mapped out the customer journey for their target customers

→ Generated irresistible lead magnet ideas based on the customer journey

→ Cleaned the list: Deleted around 150 cold subscribers

→ Started testing two lead magnets. Pushed volume on the one that performed the best.

→ Collected zero-party data to segment and hyper-personalise the emails

→ Added some personality and relevance to the emails

→ Worked on deliverability to increase email engagement

→ Clear and specific messaging right from the start to attract the right subscribers and minimise unsubscribes

→ Integrated email marketing with their whole marketing strategy

Month 2 Update

At the end of the 2nd month, we had a whopping 5346 highly engaged email subscribers.

Total subscribers month 2

Forms & Landing Pages:

We started testing two different versions of a landing page for a new lead magnet.

You can clearly see the winner.

Landing pages month 2 update

Email Sequences

The belief sequence we created initially was already doing GREAT. So we left it untouched.

Email sequence month 2 update


Still going strong AF.

Newsletter stats month 2

Additional Things We Did to Make This Happen

→ New lead magnet: This was one of the major growth drivers

→ Newsletter recommendation partnership: partnered up with two folks in the same audience (but different offers) to recommend subscribers to each other

→ Traffic generation ideas: Gave some additional traffic generation ideas to the client based on their customer profile and data collected from current subscribers

→ Deeper segments. Used the data collected in the last month to make the emails more hyper-targeted.

Month 3 Update

At the end of the 2nd month, we had a whopping 8442 highly engaged email subscribers.

Forms & Landing Pages

We tested a few changes, but it only led to a slight change in the conversions. The conversion rate was already good.

Month 3 stats for forms & landing pages

Email Sequences

We introduced a relationship-building welcome sequence. There is no selling in this sequence. The goal of this sequence is to bring the subscribers into the client’s philosophy & beliefs.

If they show an intent by clicking on any relevant link, the former belief sequence (which was more about the buying beliefs of the target customers) gets triggered. Otherwise, they get added to the newsletter sequence.

Email sequence month 3 stats


Nothing to say here. We just saw a slight drip in the last email because of the holiday season.

Newsletter stats for month 3

Next Steps for The Client

We’ll hand over everything to them and work with them on a “Done with you” basis instead of the “complete done for you” package.

They want to be a better copywriter and marketer, so this is the best plan for them.

Now, It’s Your turn:

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to build (or amplify) your email strategy, connect better with your audience, and make more $$$ → Request a free consultation and let’s see how we can help you.

We’ll ensure your emails position you as the only viable solution for your target customers… and they’d be pretty much sold before you even introduce your offer.

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