5 Ways to Write Email Openers That Can’t be Ignored

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The opening lines of your emails can make or break your message.

Bad email opener = readers skipping your email.

If they skip your emails, you lose on sales.

Here are 5 ways to craft email openers that can’t be ignored (with examples):

Open loop curiosity builder

Katelyn @ Why We Buy is the best at this and she often uses it in her newsletter. (Much recommended)

This opener makes your reader curious about what’s going to happen. They start questioning “what?” “why?” “how?”. They feel like knowing more.

Look at these examples:

Open loop examples

Desired outcome + current reality

This opener starts leading with an outcome that your reader desires… then follows with their current situation of struggle.

It makes them think “yes, that’s what I want. But this is the reality”.

Here’s an example:

Desired outcome + current reality example

The set-up (for storytelling)

This opener puts the reader in a particular place and/or time with a situation.

It makes them imagine themselves in that particular setup.

Here’s an example:

The setup example

The challenge

This opener starts with a challenge that the reader is currently facing.

You tie it to your past version (when you faced the same challenge) or a customer of yours who also faced the same challenge.

Here’s an example:

The challenge example

The descriptive question

This opener starts with a question that the reader can answer with a description.

You avoid asking yes/no questions because it’ll alienate a certain portion of your readers who’ll answer the opposite of what you want them to answer.

Here’s an example:

descriptive question example

Which opener are you going to try in your next email?

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