DOS Email Copywriting Framework (Don’t Sound Like a Robot)

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You started a business to be your own boss. To have the freedom to work when and how you want.

But here you are, slaving away on emails that barely get opened. Never mind clicked.

The problem isn’t you.

It’s that the so-called “email marketing experts” have been feeding you stale, robotic advice. They say you need to:

  • Create short, snappy emails because the “attention span is low”
  • Template what’s working for others and use it
  • Send daily emails

Blah, blah, blah. We both know how that goes.

It may work if you’re in the online marketing niche… but for the rest?

It’s pure harassment and disrespect for the subscribers.

That’s not something I stand for and I know that neither do you. (That’s why you’re reading this email, right?)

What you really need is an email approach that actually speaks to your subscribers like real people. One that tells a compelling story that grabs attention and sparks a desire to learn more.

One such way to do it?

The DOS framework.

Not only does it make it easier for you to write emails, but it also follows a logical progression that makes your subscriber go “Oh, that makes sense”.

So, it’s time to tear up the robotic rulebooks and start writing emails that connect on a deeper level. Emails that people like to read and convert casual readers into loyal customers.

The truth is, it’s not hard to do. Let me show you how…

The DOS or Desire-Obstacle-Solution Framework

As you can see from the title, it’s not very hard to understand.

Here’s how to write a highly-engaging and highly-converting email using this framework:

Step 1 – Answer these 3 questions:

→ What does your ideal customer desire? → What’s stopping them from fulfilling that desire? → How can they get rid of the obstacles and fulfil those desires? (preferably using your product/service)

Step 2 – Expand on the answers + connect the dots

It is that simple.

Here’s how I used it in one of my emails:

I took it one step further by combining the framework with narrative storytelling + demonstration, which makes it even more powerful.

DOS framework example

💡 Tip: Demonstration is always more powerful than explanation. Both in life and marketing. Never explain what you can demonstrate.

Also, the “solution” part was quite lengthy to capture in the screenshot… but you get what I mean.

If you missed the email, you can read it here.

The best part about the framework?

Your email will be completely distinct from another email written using the same framework.

In terms of structure. In terms of writing style and voice.

Can’t say the same about the templates, can we?

And so…

Frameworks >> Templates

That’s why we currently have 16 such tried & tested frameworks that we use to write high-converting emails for myself and our clients.

(And we’re always testing more to add to the list)

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Rahul Choudhary

Rahul Choudhary

Founder, Beef Up Media

With almost 6 whole years of experience in the online marketing world & specialising in email marketing + funnels, I’ve seen most – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

My goal?

Try to share as much of my knowledge & experience as possible.

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