3 things to Know if You’re Creating Your Lead Magnet

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You want to rake in sales worth tens of thousands of $$$. But your bank account isn’t exactly overflowing.

Wanna know why?

Those lame lead magnets attracting every random Joe and Sally who won’t spend a dime!

Do we really need another “5 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers” guide flooding our inboxes?

Heck no!

You need to cut through the noise and create a lead magnet that converts. One that pulls in your ideal buyers lining up with credit cards in hand.

So, today, you’ll learn:

  • Why generic lead magnets will cost you sales (and what to create instead)
  • Align your lead magnet to where visitors are in deciding to buy
  • Common myth that subscribers automatically equal leads (and how to turn them into buyers)

Let’s get rolling.

Say no to generic stuff – Create Ultra-Targeted Lead Magnets

Those generic “How to Start a Blog” lead magnets attract tire kickers who just wanna suck up your freebie.

They have zero plans to buy anything!

All they do is bloat your list and ignore your emails.

“The more emails the better!” is a load of baloney.

Just ’cause every Tom, Dick and Jane subscribes doesn’t translate to money in your bank account.

A targeted lead magnet attracting just 100 buyers beats a generic one with 1,000 random signups any day.

I’d rather have a tiny but engaged list than a big disengaged one, wouldn’t you?

Give this a think. Who would you rather have on your list – a newbie dipping their toes into online courses or a coach ready to invest $5k to elevate their biz? The buyer of course!

So create a niche magnet speaking to where your ideal customers are at.

Struggling with tech issues? Make a lead magnet to attract just tech challenged folk.

Want to target coaches? Create a magnet on coaching frameworks.

Laser focus your magnet to pull in qualified buyers.

Even if it leads to fewer subs, your bank balance will thank you big time!

Important stuff – Align to buyer journey stage

Your subscribers are at different points in deciding to buy your stuff.

Some are kickin tires. Some are struggling at point A. Some are struggling at point C. Some narrowing options, some ready with credit card in hand.

If you want their money, you gotta guide them along and nurture.

Think of it like dating. Don’t ask them to marry you on Date #1! Gotta build trust and value first.

Same goes here. If someone just joined, don’t immediately scream “Buy my $2000 masterclass!”.

Start by understanding where visitors are at.

Struggling at Point A? Share something to get them to point B.

Just exploring options? Then provide something to guide their initial research.

Maybe give them a peek behind the curtain first with a sample module.

Narrowing choices? A buyer comparison guide contrasting you versus competitors can nudge them along.

Almost ready to buy? Case studies from successful past clients can instill trust.

See how it works?

Map your lead magnet to the stage your audience is at in their decision making.

Then keep nurturing them until they happily hand you money!

Another myth we gotta bust, Subscribers ≠ Leads

All those freebie-loving subscribers ain’t the same as leads ready to swipe their cards.

But every newbie thinks subscriber numbers automatically mean sales.

“I have 5,000 people listening to me. Time to cash in!”

Sorry my friend, you got it backwards.

Subscribers just want your free stuff without spending a cent. Leads actually intend to buy something. They get that your solution brings value worth paying for. Big difference!

Think of subscribers as looky-loos browsing the mall. They may turn into buyers if you give them great service. But no guarantees.

Leads however already pulled out their wallets ready to invest. Wouldn’t you rather have 100 buyers lined up than 5000 random shoppers?

Here’s the golden rule your competition prays you never discover…

Turning subscribers into leads is the game.

This happens in 3 stages:

First you gotta focus on the messaging before someone joins your list.

Then, it’s about how you shift their beliefs towards you after they have joined the list.

Lastly, blow their minds with email value until they happily hand you money!

This is how you turn those subscribers into leads.

Your turn

The clock is ticking.

Every day spent waiting is money left on the table.

Use what you learned today to rethink your lead magnet strategy. Stand out from the herd.

Now here’s to your success. Go forth, and take action!

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