3 MUST-know Things if You’re Building Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Imagine opening your inbox and seeing messages from people who know and trust you. Subscribers who eagerly await your emails to inform and inspire them.

We’re talking about fans. Not just faceless names on a list.

But let’s face it… getting there isn’t always easy.

Low open rates, irrelevant content, and a lack of subscriber trust can stand in the way. Not to mention getting lost in crowded inboxes.

But just because obstacles exist doesn’t mean making $$$ with your email marketing is out of reach. It just requires diligence and knowing where to focus your efforts.

(And where to break a few rules and stand out)

So, if you’re planning to build an email marketing strategy that stands out and makes you money…

Here are 3 things you must know (and do differently):

Monetisation Before Growth

Everyone will tell you to build an audience and then sell.

Typical route is:

Start building a newsletter ⇒ Grow it to a certain audience (5K or 10K+) ⇒ Start selling sponsorships, ads, etc.

The problem with this approach is:

  • You don’t necessarily make money for a long time
  • You’re paying from your pocket for your list

A better strategy?

Focus on monetisation first. Or have something to sell. Something like a course, coaching, consulting, service, SaaS tool or app… anything.

This will help you:

  • Be clear about who to attract to your list
  • Make money from the start (even with a few hundred subscribers)
  • Use that money to fuel your growth (with newsletter recommendation tools, paid ads, getting shoutouts from big players, etc.)

And then, you can always sell sponsorships and ads as you grow to a certain level as well.

Which approach seems better to you?

Being Relatable >> Being Personalised

Do you know why I (and some of biggest creators) don’t use subscriber’s [First Name] or much of subscriber’s personal data in our emails?

Yet every other email marketing gooroo tells you to do so?

Yes, it’s “personalisation”.

But is it going to matter if the reader can’t even relate to the email? Can’t even see themselves or feel themselves inside the email?


That’s why making your email relatable to the audience is more important than using those personalisation tactics.

How do you do that?

Tap into their visions, dilemmas, desires, aspirations, etc. Make them feel the damn shit. Make them feel like the email is written JUST FOR THEM.

If you do that, you won’t have to worry about plastering their [First name] everywhere in the email.

And your emails will get opened, read, and act as money magnets.

Create a Social Media Crossover

Another thing you’ll hear?

Send people from your social media to your list. Fair enough.

But they advise you to send people from your list to your social media.

Their logic?

Since you’ve already brought them into your ecosystem, your owned audience list… why send them away to a platform you don’t own and distract them?

Which is pretty shit logic.

Sending people to your social media has great benefits:

  1. When you post something on social media, it only gets shown to 5–10% of your audience. But almost 50% of your subscribers read your emails. So this gives people who missed your social media post a chance to read it again.
  2. This, in turn, boosts your social media engagement and reach. Which in turn fuels your list growth.

This creates a growth loop.

Note: Don’t do this in sales emails. Then your goal should only be to drive sales or send traffic to the sales page.

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Rahul Choudhary

Rahul Choudhary

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With almost 6 whole years of experience in the online marketing world & specialising in email marketing + funnels, I’ve seen most – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

My goal?

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