Are Your Emails Totally Failing to Convert? Find Out Why

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I’ve got a bone to pick with how most people write their emails.

You spend all this time creating great content. You hit send every week like clockwork. But then—nothing! Crickets chirping on the other end.


Because you forgot the most important part… Guiding the subscriber, the hero!

Seeing my clients make this common mistake drives me nuts. And if you don’t fix it, you’re leaving easy money on the table.

Think about it:

⇢ Someone signed up because you/your offer caught their eye. They eagerly land on your list, excited to connect.

⇢ And then…no clear next step. No obvious way to engage further. Radio silence after that first email.

This, my friend, is how you lose a hot subscriber fast. Don’t let that happen!

Gurus will tell you to write educational, value-driven emails. But what ends up happening?

Your emails encourage passive consumption of content but don’t motivate sales-oriented actions.

Instead, you need to clearly guide your readers if you want them to stick around. Spell out the next steps to take. Make it crystal clear how they can continue engaging.

Don’t lose those potential buyers from Day 1!


Cut the Fluff: Tell Them What To Do

This is something that you should always keep in mind. Not just for the initial emails, but for every email that you send.

Skip the generic junk that dances around what you really want them to do. Say exactly what next step will benefit them.

As in:

⇢ “Click this link now to claim your bonus before it expires”

⇢ “Register for my upcoming workshop to get insider tips”

See how specific that is?

This works way better than tiptoeing around what you want them to do. So, don’t mess around. Give clear calls to action!

Think those clear, bossy instructions turn readers off?


My experience of sending 5,000+ emails shows that emails with direct CTAs convert way better across all industries. People like straightforward advice that shows the next best step is obvious.

So skip the second-guessing and tell your readers straight up:

  • What to do next
  • Why it benefits them
  • How to do it

No more wasting time on subtle hints. Go bold and reap the rewards.

Guide Them Step-By-Step

Don’t expect readers to dive right into a purchase with your first email. Slow down, take their hand, and walk them through it.


Structure your email sequence to nurture leads further down the funnel, bit by bit. Think of this process like a nurturing staircase:

Step 1: Offer something free based on the customer journey

Step 2: Challenge their current beliefs

Step 3: Show why your way of doing things is better (proof matters)

Step 4: Use a transition email to check intent + interest

Then, if they show intent…

Step 5: Share behind-the-scenes tips in a video series (Related to the paid masterclass topic)

Step 6: Open registration for your paid masterclass

Step 7: Follow up with special discount on premium program

If they don’t show intent, add them to your newsletter tag.

staircase nurturing strategy

This is just a basic example. But see how it progresses?

You need to establish trust, challenge their beliefs, install new beliefs, and demonstrate value before asking for the sale.

Skipping right to pushing your most expensive program is a shortcut to losing your subscribers.

Instead, break it down into simple steps:

  1. Lead in with value to hook interest
  2. Challenge beliefs and install new ones to differentiate yourself
  3. Build their knowledge while building your expertise
  4. Start subtly introducing paid offerings once they like and trust you AND show intent
  5. Finally, make an irresistible offer they can’t refuse!

This stair-step sequence turns cold leads into eager buyers. They get steadily more familiar with your world as they climb each step up in commitment.

When done right, they graduate your “school” ready to dive into premium offers.

Keep Testing Like a Mad Scientist

Here’s a hard truth you need to swallow:

No “perfect email” exists that always converts amazingly.

What soars to the top of your friend’s list can totally bomb with your subscribers.

That’s why we don’t create templates to send similar emails for our clients. Each of them has a unique strategy for their emails that works only for them.

That’s why you need to test like a relentless mad scientist on a quest for world dominance. Keep tweaking and tracking results to find your readers’ sweet spot.

Mad scientist testing different offers

Swap in different:

→ Offers → Subject lines → Content styles → Narrative arcs → Call to action structure, placement, etc.

I know it’s tempting to set those automation sequences once and leave them alone. But that’s leaving easy money on the table.

To make the most sales, you need to continually test new combinations. See what subject line gets them to open faster. Experiment with longer vs. shorter content styles. Throw some quirky offers at the wall and see what sticks!

This process is how one client doubled her email revenue in 4 months. She discovered a weird offer that hardly anyone promoted that her list loved.

The moral of the story:

Set aside time + resources for testing. See each combo as an experiment in your lab. Gun after breakthroughs and ditch the status quo.

That’s the only path to going from 0 to hero (fast!)

Time To Take Action

We’ve covered a lot of ground here. So let me recap the key steps for converting your subscribers fast:

➤ Smack them between the eyes with crystal clear calls-to-action. Skip beating around the bush. Be direct in stating the next best step.

➤ Walk them carefully up the nurturing staircase. Establish differentiation, know, like and trust before promoting paid offerings. Don’t jump the gun!

➤ Relentlessly test new email combinations like a mad scientist hunting breakthroughs. Swap subject lines, content length, special offers, and more to optimise conversions.

Time to pull out your laptop, roll up your sleeves, and get going. I’ll be right here cheering you on!

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