3 Reasons Why Your Target Customers Aren’t Buying (Even if Your Offer is Right)

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You should only continue with this post if you have these three things in place.

  • You have a good product/service.
  • You have already established the product-market fit.
  • You are targeting the right people.

If you have not done this or are not doing this, this is not the post for you. (For now!)

Have the foundations in place first, before moving any further.

Already got them in place?

First Let’s see what those reasons are that your target customers aren’t buying.

And then we’ll see how to fix it.

1// Objections

Your target customers may not be buying because they have objections.

These objections could be that:

  • They don’t trust you enough yet.
  • They don’t know they have the problem that you solve with your stuff.
  • They don’t feel like your stuff can solve their problem.
  • They just aren’t sure yet.

Handling the objections, plus, building that trust is really important when you’re selling something.

2// Distractions

They just got distracted for whatever reason while making the purchase.

Maybe they received a text from their crush.

Maybe their dog and cat started fighting.

Maybe their grandma slipped. (Okay, let’s skip that one!)

It could be anything though.

We know the average attention span of a human being these days.

And we often get distracted while doing something and then forget about that task.

That’s what happens with your target customers as well.

They get distracted and forget about making the purchase.

3// Timing

Let’s just face it.

Sometimes the timing isn’t right.

Not everybody is ready to purchase everything all the time.

That’s just the same with your customers too.

The timing isn’t right and they aren’t ready to purchase yet.

Maybe they don’t have the budget.

Maybe they don’t even have the problem yet.

And that’s why they aren’t making the purchase.

Now, since you know the 3 reasons, let’s look at…

How Most Marketers/Businesses Fix Them

Most businesses fix all of these issues by sending reminders and follow-ups.

They treat them all the same way.

Their only goal?

Just get the damn sale.

Quite a shitttyy way and this partially only solves the “distractions” issue.

But there’s a far better approach.

Let’s see what that is.

For The Distracted Customers

Sending a couple of reminders or follow-ups should be enough.

If they still don’t make the purchase, it could be one of the other reasons… so move on to those.

No need to harass your target customers.

Do you like receiving countless reminder emails or follow-ups?

That’s what I thought.

For The Other Two

i.e. when they have objections or the timing isn’t right.

Add them to your marketing ecosystem using the full-funnel marketing strategy.

Full-funnel marketing ecosystem

Nurture and don’t let them leave the ecosystem until their objections are clear or the timing is right.

Say no to hard selling.

Say yes to soft influencing.

The Result?

No hard-selling and better customer engagement.

More sales, and retained customers, obviously.

Better brand equity. (emotional connection to your brand)

Long-term brand building.

Win-win for both you and your customers.

They don’t get harassed into a sale and you get everything else that’s mentioned above.


Stop harassing your target customers.

You cannot accelerate their buying journey.

So, ditch the linear funnel approach + hard selling, and choose a full-funnel marketing strategy to build a marketing ecosystem.

And… enjoy happy customers + $$$$$

And If you need some help implementing a full-funnel marketing strategy for your brand or increasing your conversions, book a free strategy call, and let’s have a chat.

Rahul Choudhary

Rahul Choudhary

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