5 Things I Wish I Knew About Marketing From Day One

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You’re pouring cash into ads, social media posts, and fancy marketing gimmicks.

But it feels like throwing confetti into a black hole. Colourful, costly, and utterly pointless.

We’ve all been sold the dream that if you just market hard enough, customers will come running.

Spoiler alert: They don’t.

Here’s the deal:

  • Marketing isn’t a magic wand. It’s a tool, and you’ve got to use it right.
  • Your hard-earned cash should work for you, not just vanish into thin air.
  • Results matter. We’re talking real people loving and buying your product, not just clicking “like” on your post.

You’ve been led down the garden path with promises of easy success and sky-high sales.

The truth?

It’s tough out there, but there’s a silver lining.

Here’s what I wish someone had told me about marketing from day one:

🧠 Start With an End in Mind

Imagine you’re hitting the road for a cross-country trip.

You wouldn’t just fill up the gas and zoom off without a map, would you? Of course not.

You need to know where you’re heading.

The same goes for marketing.

Starting without a goal is like driving with a blindfold on – a fast track to nowhere.

Here’s how you can nail it:

→ Know your destination

  • Forget “we need to get our name out there.” What do you really want?
  • Is it more people talking about your toy store? More feet through the door? More toys flying off the shelves?

→ Not too vague. Not too complicated. Just right.

  • Skip the “increase sales” line. How much? By when?
  • Think, “We want 50 more people buying our delicious caramel latte each month.”

→ One goal at a time – Too many goals will have you chasing your tail.

  • Focus on one goal like a laser beam.
  • If you’re aiming for more folks to know about your delicious caramel latte, put all your muscle behind that before anything else.

→ Simple goals get done

  • “Get more customers” is a monster of a task. Break it down.
  • Try “Let’s get 10 parents to buy our super bouncy balls this week.”

→ Make them so clear, a 5-year-old can understand

  • “We want more people to love our super bouncy balls because they’re the bounciest in town!”

→ The why factor – Goals need reasons like cars need gas

  • Ask yourself, “Why do we want to sell more super bouncy balls?”
  • Maybe it’s to have the best birthday parties in town.

Now, let’s be straight: this isn’t about following the herd.

Everyone’s yapping about “big data” and “market share,” but here’s a little secret:

It’s not always about the biggest numbers. It’s about the right numbers that make sense for your business.

Let’s get real with an example.

Say you make the tastiest, crunchiest, most delicious cookies in town. Your goal?

It’s not just selling more cookies.

It’s getting those cookie lovers to come back for seconds, tell their friends, and maybe even choose your cookies for their wedding favours.

So, what’s your endgame?

It’s about crafting goals that make sense, that you can reach out and grab, and that feel just right for your business.

Throw away that cookie-cutter advice.

💆🏻‍♂️ Know Your Customer Inside Out

Think about your best friend for a second.

You know what makes them laugh, what kind of movies they can’t stand, and what toppings they love on their pizza.

That’s how well you should know your customers.

You gotta get past the small talk and dig deep.

Here’s the game plan:

  • Talk to them like they’re right there: Have real conversations. Ask questions. Listen up. What makes them tick? What gets them out of bed in the morning?
  • Be a detective: Get on your Sherlock Holmes hat and look for clues. What do they do for fun? What kind of posts do they like and share? What are they searching for online?
  • Walk in their shoes: Spend a day thinking like your customer. If you’re selling skateboards, hit the skatepark. Watch. Learn. What are they struggling with? Is it tricks, balance, or just looking cool?
  • The pain and the balm: Every customer has a pain point. What’s bugging them? And how does your thing make it better? Say you’re selling raincoats. Their problem is getting wet in the rain. Your raincoat? It’s the umbrella they can wear.
  • Forget numbers for a minute: People are more than data points. What stories are they telling? What’s the word on the street? That’s the gold you’re after.
  • The secret ingredient: Find out what nobody else knows about your customers. Maybe your tea drinkers love to read mystery novels. Boom. Now you’ve got a tea and mystery book club. (I made that up, but you get the point)

So, throw out those stale marketing guides that treat customers like robots.

Kid throwing a guide GIF

Get to know your customers like they’re your neighbours.

What makes them happy? What drives them nuts?

Once you’ve got that down, you’ve struck gold.

Now you can serve up exactly what they want, how they want it.

And that, my friend, is the real secret sauce.

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🧪 Test and Adjust

I just have the perfect example for this.

Think about baking cookies.

The first batch might burn, but you don’t just hang up your apron and call it quits, right?

You change things up.

Less time in the oven. Maybe a pinch of more sugar… until those cookies make your taste buds dance.

Here’s how it works in marketing:

  • Throw the spaghetti: You know, see what sticks. Launch your stuff into the world. A new ad, a post, an email. Whatever it is, get it out there.
  • Keep your eyes peeled: Watch closely. What’s flopping? What’s flying? If folks are buying your polka-dot socks more than your striped ones, you’re onto something.
  • Fix it fast: If something’s not working, don’t just sit there. Change it up quickly. Got an ad that’s more snooze-fest than sell-fest? Scrap it. Try a new picture or new words.
  • Learn like lightning: Make mistakes. Then, learn from them at super speed. Didn’t sell a single polka-dot sock today? Ask why, learn, and try a different way tomorrow.
  • Repeat after me: Test. Learn. Tweak. Go again.

Here’s the thing:

Marketing’s not about having a crystal ball.

It’s about playing a little game of trial and error.

Don’t buy into the myth that you’ve got to get it perfect from the get-go. Nope.

It’s about being bold, trying things out, and being quick to switch it up when you need to.

Remember, each flop brings you closer to the formula that works.

Keep flipping the script until your audience can’t get enough. That’s how you turn “Oops!” into “Let’s goooooo!”

🤷🏻‍♂️ Channels Matter

Picking where to shout out about your awesome stuff is like choosing the right fishing spot.

You don’t want to cast your line just anywhere.

You want to go where the fish are biting, right?

Same with marketing.

You gotta find out where your people are hanging out and meet them there.

Here’s how to pick a winner:

  • Forget the “Should Be’s”: Just because everyone and their grandma is on Fancy Social Platform X (No, not that X) doesn’t mean you have to be. If your crowd’s chilling somewhere else, be bold and go there.
  • Spy a little: See where folks who love what you do are spending their time. Are they all about pictures? Head to photo-sharing places. More into chit-chat? Find those talkative corners of the internet.
  • Get personal: If you sell handmade wizard wands, don’t just blast your message into the wild. Find wizard-loving groups and join the convo. It’ll be like showing up at the right party. (I can bet there are tons of such groups on the Internet)
  • One at a time: Don’t try to be the king or queen of all platforms. Pick a few. Nail them. Then, maybe try another.
  • Watch the magic happen: When you find the right spot, it feels like magic. People talk, share, and yes, buy your stuff.

Don’t follow the crowd.

March to the beat of your own drum.

Where your peeps are, that’s where you set up shop.

And when you do it right, it’s like throwing a party and having everyone show up.

They’re happy, you’re happy, and the cash register starts singing.

That’s the sweet spot, and it’s worth every bit of effort to find it.

🤏 Quality Over Quantity

You’ve heard the saying, “Less is more,” right?

Well, it’s time to live by that.

Here’s how:

  • Be the craftsperson of your content: Imagine your words and images are like a handmade wooden toy. Carve it, sand it, and polish it until it’s a thing of beauty.
  • Tell a story: People don’t just buy stuff. They buy the tale behind it. Got a lemonade stand? Share the story of that secret family recipe.
  • Make it stick: Create the kind of content that stays with folks long after they’ve scrolled past.
  • Don’t just talk at your audience: Talk with them. Ask them what they think.
  • One killer piece: Instead of ten so-so posts, put out one that’s a knockout. Make it fun, make it bold, make it something they’ve never seen before.

Imagine this:

You sell the comfiest socks.

Don’t just say, “Our socks are comfy.”

Tell them about when your socks were so comfy that someone wore them for a week straight because they couldn’t bear to take them off.

That’s the kind of content that gets people talking and buying.

We’re not in the business of filling space. We’re in the business of making waves.

Make your content count. Make it memorable. Make it so darn good that it’s all people can talk about.

That’s the content that converts lookers into buyers.

And that’s the endgame, isn’t it?

😎 Turning Marketing into Smart Decisions

So, you’ve got a grip on all this marketing stuff.

But how do you switch from just throwing stuff at the wall to making choices that are as sharp as a tack?

It’s all about turning your marketing into the kind of decisions that make you look like a genius.

Let’s break it down:

  • Look before you leap: Before you drop a dime, think. Is this really going to reach the folks who’ll buy your super-awesome sneakers? If not, keep that coin in your pocket.
  • Keep it real: Don’t get caught up in doing things just because that’s how they’ve always been done. If billboard ads aren’t bringing people through your door, why waste the paper?
  • Be a smart cookie: Use what you know. Got a bunch of folks who love your stuff? Ask them why. Use that secret sauce in your marketing.
  • Ditch the duds: If something’s not selling, don’t push it harder. Maybe it’s time to let it go and focus on the stuff that’s flying off the shelves.
  • Measure the magic: When you do something that works, write it down. What was it? Why did it work? That’s your playbook for next time.

Here’s the thing: this isn’t about following the pack.

It’s about making decisions that make sense for you and your customers. It’s about spending your money in a way that brings it back with friends.

So, next time you’re about to make a marketing move, stop and think:

Is this smart? Is this going to make people sit up and notice? Is this going to sell my super awesome sneakers?

If not, back to the drawing board.

🤝 Seeking Professional Guidance

You’ve got your game face on, you’re ready to market like a boss, but guess what?

It’s totally cool if you hit a point where you’re scratching your head.

Maybe it’s time to pass the ball to someone who lives and breathes marketing.

Here’s how to know it’s time to get that pro on your team:

  • When you’re stuck on repeat: If you keep trying the same stuff and it’s just not working, a fresh pair of eyes can spot what you’re missing.
  • The time crunch: You’ve got a business to run. If you can’t squeeze marketing into your day without dropping the ball somewhere else, it’s time to call in the cavalry.
  • Expert speak: Sometimes, you need someone who speaks the language. These folks know the ins and outs and can translate “marketing speak” into real results.
  • When the going gets tough: Let’s say your sales are more like a trickle than a flood. A marketing expert can turn that trickle into a river.
  • Tools of the trade: Pros have cool tools and tricks that you might not even know about. They can do in an hour what might take you a day.

Think of it like this:

If your car’s making a weird noise, you could poke around under the hood and maybe, just maybe, figure it out.

Or you could save time and take it to a mechanic who’ll fix it in a jiffy.

Same goes for marketing.

So, don’t feel like you’ve got to be a lone wolf.

It’s smart to know when to ask for help.

And it doesn’t mean you’re not in charge.

You’re the boss, the head honcho, and you get to call the shots. But even bosses need a team to win the game.

Remember, reaching out for help isn’t waving a white flag. It’s planting your flag on the mountain of success.

Cartoon about asking for help

Because when you bring in a pro, you’re not just buying their time. You’re buying a shortcut to success.

And that, my friend, is worth every penny.

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🤘 Final Thoughts

So, what’s the big takeaway from our little chat?

It’s that marketing isn’t just about throwing your money into a wishing well and hoping for the best.

It’s about smart moves, knowing your game, and sometimes, yeah, getting a bit of help from a friend who knows a few tricks.

Keep these nuggets of wisdom in your back pocket, and you’ll be turning heads and filling carts in no time.

And remember, it’s not just about making noise. It’s about making music that people want to hear.

Now go out there and market like a hero.

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