Less Discovery Calls, More High-Ticket Sales

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“I have to get on too many calls to sell my high-ticket offers”

“It’s too draining and time-consuming”

“Is there a way we can do fewer calls and sell directly through emails?”

A prospect asked me on a call…

This is a problem faced by most online business owners who sell high-ticket offers.

You use email marketing in your business, yet you still have to take too many discovery calls as soon as you launch your offer.

What’s lacking?

  • Your emails are not giving all the right information
  • Your prospects don’t believe you’re the right fit for them (yet)
  • You’re using multiple CTAs

How do you fix this?

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Record all your discovery/clarity calls

I currently use & recommend Read.ai for this.

Read homepage

Once your call is recorded, you need to download the transcript from the meeting reports.

Download meeting reports

Step 2: Use ChatGPT to gather information

Upload the transcript in ChatGPT and run this prompt:

This is a recent strategy call I had with a prospect named “XYZ”. Your task is to list all their goals, aspirations, questions, concerns, objections, frustrations, and expectations through the transcript. Be thorough with your analysis and categorise the results in bullet points.

You’ll get all the golden information that your prospects want from you.

Info from ChatGPT

Do this for every call and save the data in a spreadsheet, Notion, or whatever you prefer. (It doesn’t matter)

Step 3: Categorise the information gathered in three parts:

  1. What do they want from you/your brand
  2. What do they want from your offer
  3. What do they want for themselves

Step 4: Give them the information through your emails

We use two types of sequences to do this:

1) The relationship builder sequence

This is sent to every new subscriber that joins your list.

Here you’ll cover the information about you/your brand. (Point 1 from Step 3)

Why are you the right person to solve their problems? What are your beliefs about their problems & solving them?

Your goal is to move them away from their beliefs about the current market forces and pull them towards you.

Get them to believe that you are the right choice for them.

relationship-building sequence

Selling isn’t the motive here. The offer or solution isn’t mentioned in this sequence

This can be easily done with 3-5 emails.

Once, that belief is established…

2) The evergreen/launch promo sequence

This is the sequence where you sell your offer without actually selling.

You use narrative-based storytelling to presell your offer.

Give them all the information they need (point 2 from Step 3).

Use the information you have about ‘what they want for themselves’ (point 3 from Step 3) to build rapport and desire. They’ll be like “How do they know it?”.

Leave no question/objection unanswered.

Your goal is to move them away from old solutions and pull them towards your offer.

They already relate to your approach because of the “relationship builder sequence”.

Now, they just want information about how you can solve their problems.

Both sequences have three things in common:

I) Narrative-based storytelling
II) Removing previous beliefs
III) Installing new beliefs

That’s why they are so powerful.

Working together they look like this:

high-ticket sales strategy

Step 5: Using strategic CTAs

First of all, do not offer a link to book a call. That should be your last option.

Here are two ways to approach this (you can test each of them and see which one works best for you):

a) Email reply ⇢ Payment link

You ask them to reply to your email for details. Send them all the details and ask them if they have any questions. If they ask any questions, answer them and then send the payment link.

If they’re still sceptical, then get on a discovery call.

Tip: If the question is new, save it in your database.

b) Sales page ⇢ Email reply (if they have questions)

You share a direct sales page link (with only one CTA to buy) in your promo emails and ask them to reply to your email if they have any specific questions or concerns.


I like the second option more as there’s less back-and-forth.

Email CTA example

But, we have gotten awesome results for the clients through the first method too because it still adds a personal touch to your selling. And some clients prefer that.

Step 6: Consistent optimisation

You’ll still get on a few calls.

The best part?

It means more information to feed into your system.

So every time you get on a call:

  1. Repeat steps 1–3
  2. See what your system is missing
  3. Optimise to include that information

It’s an ongoing process.

But the results?

  1. More sales
  2. Fewer calls
  3. Saved time & mental energy that you’d spend on calls

Seems to be worth it, isn’t it?

Want to sell more of your offers through email marketing while getting on fewer calls?

Get a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other and let’s get this set up for you (along with our other systems).

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Rahul Choudhary

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